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Thursday, June 13, 2024 

Production & Machinery

Origin of machinery : the entire unit is equipped with state of the art machinery imported from Europe:

Germany ( Schlafhorst, Volkman )
Switzerland  (Rieter)
Italy (Rite)

Spinning mill 1 is equipped with :

Three opening and blowing lines with Jossi and Loptex & Uster Opti scan contamination controllers
40 Rieter Carding machines of C4 and C60
Vouk & RSB Rieter Drawing machines
Rieter E 32 Lap formers
Rieter E7/5 & E7/6 Combing machines
Toyoda FL 16 and Zinser 660 Roving frames
Rieter G5/1 Ring spinning machines
Rieter G5/2 Rind spinning machines
Rieter K 44 compact spinning machines
Schlafhorst 338 Auto coner with Uster quantum clearers & Zenit Loepfe PP&FFD
Schlafhorst 238 Cone winding machines with Uster polymatic yarn clearer
Savio TDS 190 Twisting machines
Volkmann VTS 09 CO & VTS 10 CO , TFO Twisting machines (10200 positions
SSM Precision assembly winders TW 2-D 480 spindles 2 &3-ply creel
RITE gassing machines

All our machines are maintained by well experienced and Rieter trained personnel.
Quality is monitored and controlled round the clock by well qualified personnel.
The whole team is guided and managed by well experienced personnel of textile industry.

Compact spinning : In addition to present 15 Rieter K44 compact spinning machines, we are planning to increase further our capacity.

Singeing : Double sided yarn gas singeing machines Super GA Rite.

Installation of Loptex: Jossi, Uster Opti scan sorter :
That integrates the detection and rejection system of contamination & foreign fibers during processing at initial stage of spinning.
Apart from this, final winding at Autoconer is also equipped with Loepfe Zenit and Uster Quantum with contamination clearer, to cater our customer with contamination controlled yarn.
Our twisting machines are equipped with mesdan Aqua splicers.

Hand picking contamination : The hand picking process is a meticulous and elaborate operation line. Workers wear cloth bonnets to avoid hair strands, while they remove all visible contaminants by hand picking. This operation is carried out by a specially trained team, who finally produces bales with strict control of the contamination.

Cotton Storage Area:  final cotton is stored on cemented floor.
Workers tie their hair with cloth to avoid hair strands.
Workers remove visible contaminants by hand picking